Jewelry Tracking with UHF RFID Wireless Reader

Jewelry retailers can never too cautious to track those small, high-value items every day. A jewelry retailing store in Shenzhen, China is seeking a more efficient and accurate inventory tracking method.

Manual count is time-consuming and error-prone, and especially inappropriate for famous jewelry stores which carries hundreds of pieces of fine jewelry. One small mistake can cause great loss.

RFID automates inventory management. Delicate items like rings, necklaces, and bracelets are affixed to nice UHF RIFD tags. With the RFID functionality, store employees can quickly inventory tagged items by passing a Chainway handheld RFID reader C72 over jewelry displays.


  • It frees up salespeople to help customers, in the end, increases the volume of products it sells.

  • It reduces time and labor cost required for inventory counts, eliminates shrinkage and provides better control over store inventory.

  • Every RFID tag is encoded with a unique ID number. In inventory tracking, C72 sends these IDs to the inventory management system. If any tags are not accounted for, the software alerts the staff.

  • Chainway C72 handheld RFID reader meets every need of a jewelry store which asks for an intelligent inventory management. Superior UHF RFID performance fast reads jewelry tags in seconds and the results can be seen on its large 5.2” display. Stable Wi-Fi connectivity enables employees to transmit real time data to the store’s backend server for further analysis and management.

PDA Configuration
P/N: C72
Functions: UHF, Wi-Fi, 2D