In-Store Fulfillment

Accurate inventory tracking is the key to success with in-store fulfillment. However, without automated and real-time visibility, retailers face challenges ensuring that the right order is pulled from the right location at the warehouse, and that a specific item is available when a customer walks into the store. 

UHF RFID or 1D/2Dbarcode tags affix directly to the item. Chainway barcode/RFID handheld computers read the item tag and transfer such data to the backend system under 3G/4G/Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. This RFID/barcode-enabled traceability allows the retailer to execute a physical inventory and order fulfillment in minutes.

1. Using Chainway handheld computer with 1D/2D barcode imager or RFID engine in inventory management reduces the time and labor costs.

2. Real-time inventory data transmission improves on-shelf availability of merchandise and enhances customer experience.

3. Accurate inventory tracking enables retailers to get real-time notification of out-of-stock items and replenish products in time.