Fleet Management

Taxi Management

As a passenger, you take a taxi when you are tired of queues and waiting in public transport, or when you are in a hurry. But what if you spend even more time in looking for a taxi? Even when you book a taxi in advance, there are still chances that the driver goes to a wrong pick up spot. As a taxi driver, you want to get informed of the latest taxi ride requests, to pick your customers at the accurate pickup spot and to drive them safe to the destination. As a taxi fleet administrator, with ever increasing cost of fuel and operational overheads, you need the help of new technologies to stay competitive.
Shenzhen Chainway Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Chainway) provides the device you need. The telematics vehicle computer V600 is based on Android system, and it collects driving data by by fingerprint scanner, HF RFID reader, OBD module, GPS, external camera and monitoring sensor, and transmits it wirelessly to the backend server for real-time monitoring and further analysis. Whether you are a passenger, a taxi driver or a fleet administrator, V600 will bring you convenience and benefits into your daily experience.

Driver Identity Authentication
Chainway V600 vehicle-mounted computer can verify a driver’s identity by scanning his/her fingerprint or IC card, or recognize his/her face with the help of the front camera and a facial recognition app. It can also realize the function to deny the access of a driver who fails to pass the identity authentication to start the vehicle. Fleet administrators can know each driver’s working schedule and workload, which is a direct indicator of each employee’s performance. V600 secures and safes the data to the backend server

GPS Tracking
V600 vehicle-mounted computer offers a vehicle’s accurate positioning information to the backend server. The latest ride request then are sent to the most suitable vehicle based on vehicles’ availability and position. When a driver receives a dispatch, V600 will lead the driver to the accurate pickup point. After picking up the passenger in time, V600 will show the driver the fastest route to the final destination. The route, travelling miles and fare can be shown to passengers to avoid the driver taking the long way round.

OBD Monitoring
V600 vehicle-mounted computer has an OBD port through which connects to the taxi’s OBD system. The tech records if drivers drive continuously without stop, accelerate or brake too hard, or leave the engine idling for too long. OBD data also detects the vehicle’s status including fuel consumption and RPM. V600 will trigger an alert to both drivers and the backend server about dangerous driving behaviors and malfunction of the vehicle.  

Camera Recording
V600’s extension capabilities enable the device to connect to multiple cameras. These cameras can be used to monitor the in-cab situation. Together with OBD data, it is a useful tool to ensure 
optimum customer satisfaction in the long run. In some cases, these video feeds of what was indeed happening in the cab can serve as proof.

SOS Emergency
When incidents happen, a driver or passengers can press the emergency button to send a SOS message to the back end server. Administrators will check in-cab video and the vehicle’s location to take the quickest actions.

Value-added Services
V600 provides various services to passengers, including rating drivers and connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot, while also enables fleet administrators to gain more revenue by showing region-based advertisements.

Chainway telematics V600 vehicle-mounted computer optimally deploys the fleet, promptly responds to custom request, ensures minimal delays, and even lowers downtimes. It strengthens the taxi fleet’s the service level and in return benefits passengers, drivers, and fleet administrators.