Inventory Tracking

In warehouses with a high inventory turnover, traditional way of manually counting and transcribing inventory changes leads to heavy workload, high potential for human errors, and delayed timing of data sharing. An accurate and real-time inventory tracking and management is an illusion, and data-driven inventory control cannot be realized. 

Apply RFID tags to items that need to be tracked. Scan items’ tags with Chainway Android-based RFID handheld computers to perform cycle counts. Accurate inventory levels will be wirelessly (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) transferred to the company backend server. 

1. Item-level RFID deployment integrates Chainway RFID handheld computers with the company’s backend system. Doing so provides fast and accurate inventory tracking, which reduces time and labor cost in counting inventory and managing stock.

2. Use UHF RFID tags and Chainway UHF RFID handheld computers to perform a large tag population scan in seconds. That is ideal for scan-intense situations.

3. Real-time inventory data is wirelessly updated to the ERP system, which eliminates human errors in manual transcription from paper files to digital data into computers, and enables logistics managers to make timely market metrics for true demand-driven merchandising.