Vital Sign Collection

Nurses handwrite patients’ vital signs first and then input those data into a computer, resulting in significant overhead, errors, and high costs. Besides, illegible or inaccurate handwriting may result in medical errors.

Vital Signs Measurement

Healthcare providers use equipment to measure patients’ body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rate.
Vital Signs Input

  • Healthcare providers input those data into Chainway mobile device, which then sends it to the hospital’s back-end system via 4G or Wi-Fi wireless connectivity in real time. The system automatically tells whether these data are in normal range.
  • Replacing manual data entry with electronic data management improves accuracy in healthcare process.

Vital Signs Analysis

  • Chainway healthcare software will record a patient’s vital signs in line chart and transmit it to the hospital’s HIS system wirelessly.
  • Caregivers have real-time access to the patient’s medical record on Chainway mobile devices, tablets or fixed computers, so they can make the best decision for their patients.


1. Input vital signs in real time at bedside for anytime checking and further analysis, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual paperwork.

2. Chainway mobile device detects obvious input errors and makes an alert. Input accuracy has been improved and patient safety been improved.

3. Line chart is plain and clear to view patient’s recovery progress.

4. Chainway mobile device is integrated with a pupil lamp to measure patients’ pupils.