In-store Management of LACOSTE with UHF RFID Technology


LACOSTE is one of the famous clothing manufacturers in the world, covering clothing for men, women and children. It has specialty stores, market counters or online stores in 144 countries worldwide. LACOSTE achieves great performance and brand influence in Turkey. In order to further improve the management of all Lacoste clothing stores in Turkey, the management team urgently need UHF terminals to quickly read the clothing labels, enabling efficient and intelligent information management of all the clothing in the stores.

  • With a large number of clothes and frequent inventory change, manual counting is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • It is difficult to know the specific location of the goods in stock accurately, and takes a long time to find the right one, resulting in the poor customer shopping experience.
  • Store managers cannot know the sales data of the store and the inventory of each product in real time, so they can't adjust the promotion measure in time according to market.
  • Inaccurate inventory information has a bad impact on store management, which causes overstocks or a shortage of best-selling products resulting in a waste of resources.
  • Due to the lack of effective supervision measures, there are no criteria to evaluate the performance to cause employees with less enthusiasm.

Lacoste store retailer in Turkey cooperated with Chainway to deploy our UHF handheld terminal. It successfully realizes intelligent inventory management and significantly maximizes operational efficiency. The store staff uses our UHF handheld terminal to scan the clothing label, which can automatically read the clothing information. It facilitates the operation of receiving, shipping, cash register and stock-taking, and updates the inventory information in time. At the same time, it can enable anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, and collect customer's shopping preferences, providing support for market analysis of clothing sales.
  • It increases the working efficiency, allowing store staffs to have more time and energy to serve customers for better customer satisfaction.
  • Accurate and real-time inventory data enables the visual management of warehouse goods, and facilitates the timely adjustment of store inventory goods.
  • Real-time data transfer allows shop managers to know sales and inventory at a glance, which helps them adjust marketing policies to attract more consumers based on this information.
  • It not only enhances store management but also boosts the brand image and improves the store grade.