Inventory Management


Warehousing demands up-to-the-minute accuracy for maximum efficiency and profitability in inventory management. In warehouses with a high inventory turnover, traditional way of manually counting and transcribing inventory changes leads to heavy workload, high potential for human errors, and delayed timing of data sharing. 


Chainway handheld RFID readers monitor real-time inventory level dynamically. Apply UHF RFID tags to items that need to be tracked. Scan those tags with Chainway handheld RFID readers to perform cycle counts. Accurate inventory levels will be wirelessly transferred to the warehouse management system. ​


1. Now staff only need to wave the pocket-sized device, and then quantity can automatically added and synchronized to the backend database. With the industry-leading RFID engine, it reads hundreds of RFID tags per second. 

2. Real-time transmission of inventory data to the warehouse mamagement system eliminates human errors in manual transcription from paper files to digital data into computers, and enhances feedback speed to make a quick replenishment.​