Medical Equipment Management


Many healthcare institutions track inventory and assets manually, which is susceptible to errors and labor-intensive.
An asset’s real-time location and maintenance history cannot be recorded accurately.
Assets may be misplaced and maintaining an audit trail on the movement of items is difficult to achieve. 

Label Affixing
Tag medical equipment with barcode or RFID labels for better asset tracking and management. Every tagged equipment has a unique ID number and any other information healthcare staff need to monitor its usage, such as its manufacturer, maintenance schedule, etc.
Real-time Location Monitoring
  • Chainway healthcare RFID/barcode reader captures the tag’s ID and associates it with the corresponding device. Meanwhile, this RFID tag transmits location data to the hospital’s backend system, which displays the data on the software of clinicians healthcare readers or tablets.
  • Trained nurses can use Chainway healthcare RFID/barcode readers to locate the item during their daily routines.
Maintenance Management
  • The maintenance system tracks critical information including maintenance history and will notify the worker when the next service is due.
  • A scan of the equipment’s RFID tag displays the maintenance instruments on the screen of Chainway RFID reader. Workers input the maintenance details on the healthcare reader when the service finishes.


1. All valuable assets can be viewed and located at the touch of a button on Chainway healthcare RFID/barcode reader, which provides greater accountability and prevents theft or tampering.

2. Asset tracking saves valuable people valuable time as well as valuable capital funds.

3. The regular maintenance of equipment based on manufacturers’ specifications optimums performance and equipment lifespan.