Delivery men need to let customers sign to confirm delivery and then send those paper back to offices. If a customer does not check the condition of a parcel upon delivery, and later submit a claim, this customer needs to provide photos as proof as soon as possible to get this problem solved. Any delay or failure of providing proof may invalidate the claim and make customers unsatisfied. 

Express delivery men carry Chainway data terminals to get customers' electronic sign to confirm delivery and pick-up and transmit this confirmation back to the backend server via wireless connectivity. They can also take photos of parcels' condition as proof with Chainway device. 

1. Accurately capture order location via GPS functionality of Chainway portable data terminal and communicate to customers from pick-up to final delivery confirmation to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Delivery and pick-up are confirmed through electronic signature on Chainway data terminal. Transfer the confirmation and photos of the parcel's condition to the back-end server. Cloud-based data management simplifies data collection process and improves productivity.