Laboratory Management


Recording and keeping every sample information and test result manually is time-consuming, error-prone and labor-intensive.

Barcode Labeling
Labeling lab samples with barcodes gives every sample a unique ID number, which enables lab technicians to verify every specimen when needed and automate the crosscheck process. A single technician now can perform a task that previously required two or more dedicated workers.
Access to Information
  • When every specimen in the lab is uniquely labeled, a scan of the barcode label tells the technician the specimen collection time, test type and the patient’s information.
  • After the test, lab researchers can directly input test results into the hospital's backend server via Chainway handheld mobile device under wireless connectivity, so they will no longer be bothered by stacks of paper work. Real-time access to key specimen information is critical to ensure an accurate specimen-to-patient relationship.


Using barcoding technology and Chainway handheld mobile device with barcode scanner for lab sample management prevents mistakes, increases accountability, improves patient safety and streamlines laboratory operations.