Inventory Management


Manually counting and recording received supplies is likely to result in error and heavy workload. When a hospital does not have an accurate idea of inventory, it can either runs out of stock unexpectedly, or spend unnecessary costs in overstocking inventory.

Manage Inventory of:  
Medical equipment: from basic wheelchairs to IV pumps
Consumable supplies: from toilet cleansers to blood bags
Labeling Inventory
A hospital can label all received equipment and supplies which it wants to keep an eye on with barcode or RFID tags. Use Chainway mobile handheld computers to scan the label and the information encoded by the label is read also by the mobile computer.
Real-time Data Transmission
By scanning the supplies’ barcode or RFID tags to record any stock changes and update this change automatically to a central database under 4G or Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, hospital administrators gain real-time visibility into the actual accurate inventory.
Inventory Management
When every vital equipment and supply are traceable, staff members can quick locate the assets they need at the point of care, and access to real-time inventory data to proactively manage reorders before supplies fall below critical levels.


An up-to-date database of the location of all tagged stock can be accessed from any local PC or Chainway mobile handheld computer, which reduces costs through better inventory management, increases clinical operational efficiency and ensures the right equipment and supply is available where and when it is needed.