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How to send devices for R&M by delivery?
a. Apply RMA list and non-commercial invoice from service center.
b. Please declare delivery as normal USB barcode reader with the piece of $20 per unit and do not send back the accessories especially batteries if they are working fine. Please send back by TNT if it is possible since this would be easier for custom clearance. Fill and send RMA request sheet and non-commercial invoice. And send the faulty devices no more than 3 pieces in one packet.
How to check the reason of switch-on failure of C6000?
a. Dismantle the battery and change same type battery to switch on.
b. Connect the device with standard adaptor to charge the device and try to switch on, or use same type adaptor to charge.
c. Try to use the charge base to charge.
d. Connect C6000 with PC or laptop and check the device can be synchronized with computer or not.
e. Try to reflash operating system.
f. Contact sale representative or service center to send the device back for R&M.
How to make screenshot of C6000?
a. Press and hold power button and number 7 button on the keyboard.
How to restore factory data of C6000?
a. Switch off the device.
b. Press and hold power button and button on the left to restart device.
c. Select “wipe data/factory reset” and press power button to execute.
How to scan barcode in Keyboardemulator?
a. Switch on the device.
b. Click Keyboardemulator to enter page “Function”.
c. Setup KeyCode value to 139.
d. Select option “Barcode2D(S)” with check mark.
e. Select “ON” to Enable Scanner.
f. Select “Test” to enter the page and scan barcode.
How to scan barcodes in Appcenter?
a. Switch on the device.
b. Click Appcenter to enter its page.
c. Click icon “2D(S)”.
d. Click button “Scan” or pull the trigger on pistol to scan barcode.
What are the different types of fingerprint sensors/readers?
Majorly there are 3 types.
Optical Sensors: use arrays of photodiode or phototransistor detectors to convert the energy in light incident on the detector into electrical charge
Capacitive Sensors: use an array capacitor plates to image the fingerprint
Ultrasonic Sensors: use very high frequency sound waves to penetrate the epidermal layer of skin.
What is EPC?
The Electronic Product Code (EPC) is designed as a universal identifier that provides a unique identity for every physical object anywhere in the world, for all time. Stored on an RFID tag, EPC can be associated with dynamic data, such as the origination point of an item and the date of its production, to identify a specific item in the supply chain.
Common questions about barcode scanning engine
Can a 2D scanner read a 1D barcode?

How to tell if a barcode scanner is for 1D or 2D barcode?
---By the scanning light. Light of 1D barcode scanner is lineal, of 2D is crossed.