Inbound Management

Achieve Fast Receipt and Ensure Quality of the Incomings

Traditional operations require staff to first print out plenty of purchase orders, open the carton to check whether the commodity type and quantity conform to those on papers, then tick one by one if everything is alright and note down quality issues or wrong deliveries. At the end of each day’s heavy work, they still need to type in and upload all information recorded on those paper forms to a computer. Papers are easy to be torn and damaged, sometimes resulting in lost records or inaccurate data. What’s more, the feedback to the suppliers has been delayed, thus the corresponding changing or refunding cannot be made in time. Chainway handheld PDAs with advanced barcode/RFID reading and writing capacity, fast and fluent wireless connectivity and great compatibility with other ERP systems have proved to solve these problems.

When a batch of goods is about to arrive, operators will receive notice and instructions on the PDA. When they are unloaded at the gate of the warehouse, operators holding handheld PDAs scan commodity labels pasted by suppliers to check whether what they received are the same with what they required. If the same, the quantity of this commodity is automatically added and data synchronized to the backend database; if not the same, operators can directly enter why the incomings are disqualified on the PDA without the assistance of pens and papers, and these errors can be updated to the backend database in seconds so that purchase managers can take measures in time. With electronic purchase orders already downloaded in the portable device, operators now can shorten time spent on inspecting incomings from1-2 hours to 1-2 minutes, at the same time, this electronic operation streamlines warehousing workflows, saves paper resource and enterprise overheads.

When goods are to be put into storage, the system will assign a location where each box of commodity should be placed. The location can be as specific as possible, showing the exact area, the number of shelf as well as the dimensions on the rack. Before putting away, scan the barcodes on the shelf to confirm whether the operators have reached the right shelf, if not, alarm will be issued to discontinue this move. The quantity of each commodity put onto the shelf and its dimensions on the shelf can be synchronized to the backend administration center. In this way, administrators can get to know how many stock they have on their shelves; additionally, they can locate and fetch the right commodity at the quickest speed and with the highest accuracy. Finally, press the “confirm” key to finish all receipt procedures. 
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