Logistics management

What are challenges faced by retailers in logistics tracking?

Increasing requirements for accurate and instant logistics information are mandates with today's ever-increasing pressure to meet customer expectations – all of which depend on an efficient information feedback mechanism. However, as a result of long distribution time, low delivery efficiency, wrong goods received and occurrence of missing goods, traditional logistics management in retail industry now and then let their customers down. That replenishment cannot be made in real time directly affects customer shopping experience. All subjects involved can’t reach timely transportation status from suppliers to distribution centers, to point of sales and eventually to each customer.

How does Chainway PDA help provide logistics updates?

Merchandise is one of retailers' most important assets, so ensuring not to lose them and finding a right logistics management solution can be a core. Chainway mobile devices are capable of seamlessly integrating with barcode/RFID technology to develop a true all-the-way logistics tracking. The solution intelligentizes processes from distribution to receipt, with all information verified at each step so that consumers won’t receive an order with incorrect goods or wrong quantity. Key logistics information throughout the process is recorded and then uploaded to the background system via wireless network. Administrators then have convenient and real-time access to these information; customers do feel assured with such logistics tracking services.

What benefits has been acquired with chainway PDA?

Chainway enables headquarters to have real time understanding of inventory stock to make real-time replenishment. Customers will then not be disappointed by storage shortage. During transportation, customers can get to know where what they bought reached and when they can get it approximately. After receipt, customer confirmation will be sent back to the backend database, which means this order is settled. With high degree of informationization, as well as convenient information inquiry, the solution effectively improves customer satisfaction and store image. The available rich information also gives retailers the ability to ascertain accuracy of deliveries and more fluent operations.

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