Vital Sign Collection

Enable Convenient and Real-time Collection of Patient Vital Signs

In the field of healthcare, keeping patient vital signs taken as efficient and well-managed as possible is of utmost importance. The traditional manual collection requires nurses to record the vital sign data on paper, move to the next room to complete the same process again and then transcribe all patient data to the computer, which not only subjects nurses to an inefficient process of duplicating documentation for each patient but also cannot realize real-time information collection healthcare sector deserves. The deployment of mobile medical cart may solve the above problems, but it's too heavy and quite inconvenient to carry. The proposed Chainway solution integrated barcode or RFID technology is more effective and safer, which avoids duplicating documentation, realizes real-time information collection, also, the handheld computer is as light as a phone. Its pocketable size enables the nurses to carry it anywhere they need, easily and conveniently.

How dose barcode / RFID technology facilitate the collection of vital signs data exactly?

Chainway mobile healthcare information system is expected to be a solution for the speedy and accurate data input. Health care providers first carry the handheld computer to take the patient vital signs, such as temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and etc., enabling nurses to take and chart patient vitals at the bedside, eliminating the need for manual transcription. It is a step toward new generation of point of nursing care systems where scanners (barcode / RFID) take over the tasks of data input from the nurses.

Then vital sign data is automatically transcribed directly into the backstage system from the point of care, which halves the times for vital signs input and relieves nurses from input tasks. What is worth mentioning is that nurses can choose the data instead of inputting manually, which optimizes patient vital sign documentation and eliminates input errors. In this way, the system can generate statistical statements about patient temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and so on.

Chainway PDA offer real-time, accurate and secure information presentation, ensuring that healthcare providers can view and retrieve the vital sign data and charts as well as medical care records via a touch-screen display wherever they are and whenever they need it. The solution allowed nurses to have access to electronic health information throughout the patient journey, from admissions to discharge, enabling the best possible patient outcomes.
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