Outbound Management

Fasten Sorting Speed and Ease Off Staff Workload

That each warehouse receives hundreds of orders a day means there are thousands of goods moving out of the warehouse every day. During traditional sorting, it cost a long time to find out the needed goods from numerous other goods in the vast warehouse. Fulfilling one order by another is definitely a waste of time and warehouse operators just keep walking back and forth for the whole day. Chainway PDA solves this trouble by altering the sorting pattern and directing the best sorting route. The operators now do not get tired and they can conduct their work in order.

As each order may contain several different categories of commodities, picking up orders one by one means operators walking long distance from area A to area B. Now operators don’t need to pick up orders one by one, but the PDA can integrate all orders received in a certain period of time. Each operator is only in charge of one area where only puts one type of commodity, such as articles of daily use, food, apparel or household appliances. Their duty is to fetch all commodity types and quantity in his responsible area as per requirements on the PDA. Then put those commodities on the conveyor to flow to the next step--second sorting. What's more, priority is given to goods with earlier production date during picking and sorting.

Then scan the barcode on each commodity package to ascertain which cupboard it should be placed in. One cupboard corresponds to one order. The PDA will issue a notice if all commodities of one order have been sorted out, then it comes to packaging. PDA can also help match the goods inside the box with customer purchase order again to ensure 100% accurate order picking. This fully pipelined sorting pattern enhances operation efficiency and sorting accuracy. Warehouse operators now feel much relieved as they now need to specialize one procedure. Motivated staff is an important invisible asset for enterprises. 

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