Chain Store Management

What are challenges faced by retailers in chain store management?

Due to massive and diversified commodities in flow under the background of economic prosperity, traditional manual operations in chain stores can never meet today’s requirements. What is known to us all is that it is critical to provide the ability to make sure that the last impression a customer has when leaving a retailer's store is a positive one. However, store staff now have trouble taking inventory and locating the exact item they need, so they cannot respond promptly to the customer demands, which greatly lowers store service quality. In addition, it is quite time-consuming and error-prone to note down things by pen and paper, also very inconvenient to inquire these paper records. Not only that, it is inefficient for the management of sales volume and membership. The traditional POS system is helpful but it must have access to network, and the machine, with poor mobility, must connect to a computer, which takes up too much space and causes high maintenance costs. The complex operation of the system also results in long staff training period. At this moment, retailers need to have a total solution of hardware, software and services to deliver both superior employee effectiveness and lower TCO. 

How does Chainway solution help manage chain stores?

The core of chain store management is information submission and feedback. Once goods arrive at chain stores, Chainway handheld readers can help scan the barcodes or RFID tags, then compatible system can upload goods information to the backend database to confirm receipt. When a customer is interested in a particular item, retailers can scan to query details, including quantity in stock, size or color available, price, location, and discount information. After the order is settled, the backend database automatically updates the quantity of stock items so that the database records are consistent with the real inventory. Daily stock taking can be realized by a simple wave of the handheld device. Besides, retailers can input or query information about members, at the same time manage information about point redemption and accumulation on this single device. With Chainway mobile computers, store managers have the adaptable tools they need, on the store floor, to enable free flow of information, and then to provide the highest level of service to customers. Adopting electronic media instead of the traditional manual entry greatly drives down costs and improves the operations accuracy and efficiency.

What benefits has been gained with chainway PDAs?

Chainway mobile computers enable store employees to provide the best level of service to customers. Chain stores can quickly look up detailed product information as well as order information, locate inventory in other stores or distribution centers, and finalize customer orders on the store floor. The solution enables the headquarter to have a idea of sales volume and existing stock in real time, realizing digital remote management of all chain stores. Then administrators can make seasonable and effective marketing decisions or adjust marketing strategies. It also enables unified management of employees of all chain stores, which improves staff productivity and then gives retailers the best return on their investment.

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