Information Inquiry

Provide Visibility and Convenience for Information Inquiry

A lot of information is available on the handheld computer, having no restrictions of place or time. Nurses can at the patient bedsides have real-time visibility into patient information (such as patient profile, medical history, hospital admission number, ward number, bed number, payment information and etc.), medication administration records (drug name, dose and usage, time of administration, prescriber, administrator, status of the administration and so on), and vital sign charts (temperature, pulse, respiration etc.), enabling nurses to have a better understanding of patients' physical performance and health conditions. Also, nurses can have quick access to their patient lists, working schedules and nursing records anytime and anywhere they need to, ensuring better time arrangement, higher working efficiency and safer patient treatment.

From the desktop terminal, the powerful system incorporates all the data and information, including patient profiles, ward round records, medication administration records, doctor instructions, patients' vital sign histories, nurses' schedules, workload and so on. The backstage system can automatically analyze above information and generate various statistical charts to help hospital administrators make optimal strategies, which can best streamline clinical workflows and improve the efficiency of hospital operations.

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