Warehouse Management

What are challenges faced by retailers in warehouse management?

Traditional warehouse management has brought about a lot of problems such as heavy workload, low efficiency, low accuracy, wasted time, high costs, and low staff spirit. These problems are especially prominent in steps like manual stock-taking, information inquiry, goods putaway, goods sorting, order picking, distribution, dispatch, and receipt. On-site staff cannot accurately locate the exact goods they want immediately. Inventory data cannot be transmitted and shared in real-time. In face of these challenges, retailers need to operate with tighter inventories and achieve cost-saving efficiencies in their operations. Barcode or RFID based readers just cater to their exact needs, which will generate a whole new world of opportunities in retail commerce.

How does Chainway solution help streamline workflows in warehouses?

This main body of this solution is handheld PDA with advanced barcode/RFID reading and writing capacity, fast and fluent wireless connectivity and great compatibility with other ERP systems. When goods are to be put into storage, the system will assign a location where each goods should be placed; when a batch of goods are to be delivered out of warehouse, the system will suggest the best order picking route. What's more, priority is given to goods with earlier date of manufacture during order picking and sorting. In tiresome stock-taking, the optional UHF R2000 module offers much better read range, and more importantly, it reads many more tags per second. At the same time, data captured can be automatically uploaded to the background system over wireless network in real time so that administrators can have timely access to all information for analysis and decision-making.

What effects has been reached with chainway PDAs?

Chainway retail solution delivers the performance and capabilities needed to streamline warehousing workflows. By an easy wave of our PDAs, the inbound and outbound flows to/from the warehouse can be easily and precisely recorded. Our comprehensive family of rugged, versatile mobile computers enables new levels of demand/supply chain efficiency, improved inventory visibility and lowered operating costs. From the manufacturer to store shelves, and finally end users, our solution shows the flow of your company’s merchandise whenever you need it, putting retailers in complete control. Chainway technologies hold promise for improving warehouse operations, making it easier to match the flow of inventory with changing consumer demands.

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