Inventory Checking

Streamline Daily Stock-Taking and Avoid Out-Of-Stock Situation

Warehousing demands up-to-the-minute accuracy for maximum efficiency and profitability in inventory checking. With countless goods flowing in and out of the warehouse, real-time inventory checking is essential to keep the administrators being informed of the existing stock of whatever kind of product. In the past, staff need to count one and another again and again after one day’s heavy work, note down with pen and paper, and then type all records in a fixed computer. It is also difficult to find out the cause when recorded data don't match with the real stock. With smart PDAs at hand, each warehouse can monitor its real-time stock dynamically.

In tiresome stock-taking, now staff only need to wave the pocket-sized device, and then quantity can automatically added and synchronized to the backend database. What is worth mentioning is that the optional UHF R2000 module offers much better read range, and more importantly, it reads many more RFID tags per second. This is effectively workable for those boxes stacked high in the rack.

At the same time, real-time transmission of inventory information to the database over wireless network connections greatly enhances feedback speed. Inventory visibility are improved and replenishment are made in time, so that supply shortage or out of stock never happens. For administrators, they can get whatever data they need about a certain commodity for decision-making and future analysis by entering their username and password to log into the administration center.

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