Our two new UHF RFID products, MR20 and URA4, won the two awards of "2020 Star of IoT"

Recently, the winners of the "2020 Star of IoT" China Internet of Things Industry were officially released, and the two new products of Chainway, the MR20 UHF wearable Bluetooth reader and URA4 fixed Android UHF reader won "the most influential and innovative product award." 

This year's Internet of Things Star attracted nearly 400 outstanding companies from the Internet-of-Things industry to participate in the selection process, and more than 100 companies from the RFID field participated in the selection. The "2020 Star of IoT" also involves the participation of 600+ judges in the voting process. The popularity of pre-heated votes exceeded 120W. , Has formed a wide range of influence in the entire industry.

The selection lasted for several months. After voting by expert judges from the industry, our Chainway MR20 UHF wearable Bluetooth reader and URA4 fixed Android UHF reader stand out from many peer companies and won the "Most Excellent" Influential Innovative Product-Handheld Terminal Award" and "Most Influential Innovative Product-Fixed Reader Award" in 2020 Star of IoT, and ranked first and forefront with excellent quality & super popularity. 

In the future, Chainway will continue to invest in the latest technology applications and fulfil market demand, adhere to R&D and innovation. Chainway is committed for continuous improvement in product quality & services, so that it can offer high-quality smart terminal products for the Internet of Things industry.

MR20 UHF Wearable Bluetooth Reader

Chainway MR20 is a new generation wearable Bluetooth UHF reader, which is elaborately researched and developed by Shenzhen Chainway. With its tiny design, users could operate it with wristbands and other ways, which is more flexible and convenient. The built-in excellent UHF module has a powerful data acquisition function. It can connect Android / IOS devices through Bluetooth for data transmission, the battery can be disassembled and charged quickly to meet the needs of long-term operation. In addition, it possesses industrial features such as dustproof,          waterproof, anti-seismic, anti-falling, etc. It is widely used in logistics express delivery, retail store management, warehouse management, power inspection, asset management, e-commerce picking, ticket checking and other industrial scenarios, helping users to improve work efficiency.

URA4 Fixed Android UHF RFID Reader

Chainway URA4 is a 4-channel fixed RFID reader, based on Android 9.0. Integrated with Impinj R2000 RFID chip, it supports RS232, RJ45 and HDMI, and can be compatible with various types of antennas. With high stability and outstanding performance, URA4 can be ideally applied to warehouse management, archives and library management, bank, clothing and footwear retail, jewelry monitoring, watch industry, laundry, production line management, medical instrument cabinet and vending machines.