Chainway Releases Desktop UHF Reader R3

Chainway, a global provider of RFID data acquisition, recently launches its first desktop UHF reader R3. R3 is designed for excellent UHF reading and writing at short distance, which can be applied to a wide range of scenarios.
R3 is equipped with Chainway’s newly developed RFID module that enables short read distance within 45cm. Combined with highly efficient collision processing algorithm of electronic tag, it can realize fast reading and writing of tags while maintaining high identification rate, and be compatible with a variety of protocols, so as to be applied to a variety of RFID systems. And it can perform data transmission via Type C USB, and enable user information interaction via Bluetooth coordinated with APP or SDK. In addition, supporting Windows / Android / IOS system applications, R3 can be connected with computer to achieve tag information entry, modification and verification. And it also reserves the design to support RFID encryption module, in order to provide users with reliable data security protection and fast identification.
Chainway R3 is elegant, lightweight and portable. With IP65 high protection level, it is rugged and durable with waterproof and dustproof feature. So the device boasts a combination of technical beauty and practical performance. It can be widely used for retail checkout, jewelry inventory, logistics, identity verification, access control system, smart parking, anti-counterfeiting system and production process control, etc., which easily reduces errors, enhances working efficiency and saves operational costs.