Vehicle Management

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking and Better Asset Management

Tracking all of your travelling vehicles is a daunting task, especially when hundreds of them are distributed in thousands of cities. One of the biggest difficulties is that vehicles and drivers are out of reach after they leave the center. But now Chainway PDAs with accurate positioning ability are ready to solve the problem. They enable administrators to realize their planned benefits, maintain their fleet, assess driver and vehicle performance.

Well-organized asset management enables an enterprise to hold down operation costs and ensure vehicle travelling safety. Central management is vital, which can be achieved by RFID technology. At the beginning, each vehicle is assigned with a RFID tag as its unique identity. By scanning this tag, administrators can have a clear view into all information related to this vehicle. Later insurance or maintenance data can be conveniently written into the tag and continually added to this profile.

How do administrators improve their fleet management?

Before performing a task, each driver gets a predetermined optimal route, if they veer out of the track, alarm will be sent back to the administration center. Administrators now can have an idea of where exactly they have been, how far they have driven, how much fuel consumed etc., which optimize vehicle usage, reduce fuel cost, and accelerate workforce productivity. There is also voice reminder if drivers exceed the pre-set speed limit, which better ensures safety. With accurate location updates, the center can take prompt actions and deal with emergencies immediately.

To run a successful business, as we all know, it is fundamental to have efficient communication between the headquarters and branches, and of course, among employees. With Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth options, drivers on the one hand, can forward reports or requests to the center, and receive assignments or instructions from the center on this single device. On the other hand, drives have access to always-on communications in real time with each other for better cooperation and coordination.

Vehicles are enterprises’ most important assets. To establish a comprehensive profile, all information like purchase date, vehicle brand, license plate number, to whom it has been assigned, insurance conditions, inspection history, maintenance records have been written into the RFID tag. These info can be retrieved quickly using our devices to scan the tag, then administrators can schedule inspection and maintenance to ensure safe, comfortable, and timely transportation. This tag can function as traffic permit, during which process automatic information match has been realized.

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