Warehousing Management

Improve Warehouse Visibility and Optimize Warehouse Utilization

In order to keep warehouses operating smoothly, administrators must improve efficiency and accuracy in inbound receipt, outbound delivery, and regular inventory checking. Due to high costs of warehouses, enterprises have to perfect their daily planning, organizing, directing and controlling their warehouse space. Besides, effective staff arrangement is one of the most important factors in determining an entreprise's success.

It now has become obvious that traditional manual operation can never meet the requirements of today’s business expansion. Mistakes are committed every now and then; it takes ages to fulfill one order; warehouses are often in a mess; staff often loaf on their job or pass the buck to others... To improve the situation, logistics enterprises are turning to new intelligence. Chainway mobile computers with barcode, RFID and wireless technologies are here to relieve burden of warehouse managers.

How do Mobile Computers  Enhace Warehouse Visibility and Utilization?

Chainway mobile computers help start with the right receiving. When materials come into the warehouse, by an easy wave of our device to scan barcodes or RFID tags, all related information pops up on the large screen, like product name, category, quantity, production date, supplier and more. Without the need to open the carton and search inside, staff can verify and inspect the incomings immediately, with the least possibility of mistakes. If everything proves alright, the device will send confirmation of the receipt; if there are shortages or damages, the device will send immediate feedback, both to the backend database over Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity. At the same time, the device can plan the best route for putting away, and allot where each material should be exactly placed, so that warehouse keepers can quickly and accurately put them away in the right section, on the right shelf.

When it comes to sorting and order picking, our devices will bring you intelligent experience. Each warehouse received thousands of orders each day. Fulfilling one order by another is definitely a waste of time and warehouse staff keep walking back and forth for the whole day. Chainway PDAs can intelligently classify orders of the same type, that is to say, circumstances will no longer happen when warehouse keepers first pick up one toothpaste and go to get a set of maintenance tools, and then go back to have a dozen of toothbrushes. Staff now stop feeling upset but motivated because each of them can have a digital assistant to put their work in order. Priority is also given to those with earlier production dates.

Each warehouse can monitor its real-time stock with smart PDAs. Real-time transmission of inventory information to the database over wireless network connections greatly enhances stock-taking efficiency and feedback speed. Inventory visibility are improved and replenishment are made in time, so that supply shortage or out of stock never happens. With intelligent PDAs at hand, workers now feel relieved as they don’t need to work overtime, counting one and another again and again; and they won’t get caught in endless desperation to find out causes when the real inventory doesn’t match system records.

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